American born (Pennsylvania, February 9th 1989) artist Kenneth Faith began painting in the summer of 2009. He is a Brooklyn New York based artist who received an MFA in Painting from Brooklyn College in 2017 and a degree in Studio Art from the College of Charleston in 2013. Kenneth’s large work, received instant praise during his first show in Altoona, PA and reflects an interior world of disguise, whimsy, color and form.

With imagination rooted in historical study and progression of modern art; Kenneth creates totally unafraid to reference influence. Diversification in output becomes thematic and reflective of Kenneth’s view of life in modern America – “it’s just about impossible to capture an audiences’ attention, as well as my own for that matter, without variety”

Kenneth draws upon influence from the works of masters like Louise Fishman, Wasilly Kandinsky, Donald Judd, Jackson Pollock & Francis Bacon among others… and yet always drawing upon the world of experience.